Hospital Based Cancer Registry & Patterns of Care & Survival Studies in Cancer Cervix, Cancer Breast & Head & Neck Cancers Under the National Cancer Registry Programme (HBCR-POCSS):

The broad and overall objectives of a Hospital Based Cancer Registry vis-à-vis the present HBCR-POCSS are outlined below:

1. Assess Patient Care;

2. Participate in Clinical Research to Evaluate Therapy;

3. Provide an idea of the patterns of cancer in the area;

4. Help plan hospital facilities;

5. Contribute to active follow-up of the cancer patient;

6. Describe length and quality of survival in relation to anatomical site, clinical stage and aspects of types of treatment;

7. Contribute to the Population Based Cancer Registries (PBCRs) in the given area;

8. Undertake epidemiological research through short-term case control studies;

9. Show time trends in proportion of early to late stages at the time of diagnosis;

10. Help assess quality of hospital care and cancer services in covered area.

  • e-hospital project of NIC for digitalization of all hospital records & reports.

  • Introduction of primary screening and Daycare treatment facility in District Headquarters Hospitals.

  • Republic Day on 26th January.

  • Annual Day of the centre on 24th April.

  • No Tobacco Day on 31st May

  • Cancer Survivors’ Day on 7th June.

  • Independence Day on 15th August.

  • Breast Cancer Month in October.

  • World Hospice Day in Dept. of Anesthesia on 11th October & World Anesthesia Day on 16th October in Dept. of Anesthesia.

  • World Cancer Awareness Day on 7th November.

  • Children’s Day for Pediatric Cancer Patients 14th November.

  • Annual Day of Day Care Unit 23rd January.

  • World Cancer Day on 4th February.